Why we are different

Lettings experience

Lone Hubbard and Kathy Hawes, the joint Directors of this company, worked as managers in the lettings industry for many years and have experienced poor service from many referencing companies in the past. They decided to set this referencing company up in order to provide an excellent service for letting agents/landlords, addressing all the wrong things about other referencing companies and putting them right! LETREF has been in business since 2008 and has grown rapidly since then, we are continually expanding our client base, dealing with many prestigious Letting Agents. We have vast experience dealing with many different scenarios and are happy to offer agents advice when they are considering potential applicants. We have found that our agents/landlords really value our personalised service.

Common Problems Solved

  • “I’ve just called them to ask how they were getting on with the applications and they say they haven’t received it” LetRef will email you within three hours of receiving the form telling you who is dealing with it, if you do not hear from us we advise you to resend as you can presume it hasn’t come through."
  • “The reference reports have come back and they are not complete, they have just said ‘Unable to contact’” LetRef does not send back incomplete reports, we will call the applicants and get them involved to make sure everything is complete, after all it is in their interest. We always contact a character referee even though many others do not, we have found that it gives the new landlord a better understanding of what kind of person their new tenant is."
  • “I can’t ever get hold of the person who is dealing with my forms” LetRef will email you a direct email address of the person dealing with each property and you can always call Kathy or Lone on their mobiles, they would be happy to help you"
  • "The reports look messy and unprofessional and are on a scrappy fax" Letref’s reports are simple, well designed and clear, they are sent back in PDF format and can be easily emailed on to the landlord for their approval. We will always send any supporting documents, such as written employment references, with the reports"
  • "I’ve called the referencing company to ask advice about a potential client and they don’t seem to know what I am talking about" You can contact the LetRef directors on their mobile for advice at any time and we will be happy to help you"
  • “The referencing company have failed my applicants but they are only £100 below the required income amount” LetRef use their common sense and if an applicant is a little below the required amount but has been paying a similar rent level for a good period of time we will pass them if we are confident that they can meet the commitment"
  • “I can never contact the referencing company at the weekend and Saturday is our busiest day” You can contact LetRef over the weekend for help and advice as Kathy & Lone are happy to take your calls if it helps"
  • “The applicants are borderline and they have just failed them” LetRef will advise in the conclusion what the landlord needs to consider when making his/her decision"
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