We are a specialist lettings reference company and work in a totally different way to our competitors. We offer an exceptionally thorough referencing service and provide a far more individual and investigative service.

We will not carry out referencing unless we have all supporting documents from the applicants, including photographic ID and proof of address. We also back up every reference we receive with evidence.

You're in the right place...

Many letting agents and landlords go for the cheapest referencing service thinking it will save them money. It’s a false economy and can end up costing £1,000s when it all goes horribly wrong, never mind the great big dent to your reputation as a letting agent.

Referencing is one of the most important parts of the initial letting process, so investing in thorough referencing that is handled by experts is vital.

If you want your referencing done properly, you have come to the right place.

The devil is in the detail...

Our aim is to take the entire burden away from you

We know how time consuming referencing is and how costly in terms of staffing. Having had several years experience in the lettings industry ourselves, we often encountered poor service from referencing companies.

LetRef was set up in 2008 order to provide an exemplary service for letting agents and landlords, addressing all the errors the other referencing companies made and putting them right! We have gone from strength to strength and our client base has grown year-on-year due to our excellent reputation.

Our clients appreciate our dedication, personal service and attention to detail, we are not a 'tick-box' company. We carry out every reference check thoroughly and verify all information received, this ensures our many prestigious clients have the utmost confidence in us. Landlords receive detailed reports that build a picture of the potential tenant along with back-up documentation that verifies all references fully.

Don’t just take our word for it!
We believe we offer a level of service that cannot be matched by our competitors and as a result have built lasting relationships with our clients. Scroll through the comments below to see what many of our long-term customers think of us.
  • Hamways

    We have used LetRef’s services
    since 2008. We have found them
    reliable and trustworthy and we
    hope to continue our relationship
    into the future.

    We have a direct personal contact
    so communication is easy. They
    update us on a regular basis, and
    our deadlines have always been
  • Sinton Andrews

    Conchita Prophet, Lettings Director

    We have been using LetRef’s
    services since they began in March
    2008 and I can honestly say that it
    has made a huge difference to our
    day to day business.

    We can concentrate on letting
    properties in the knowledge that
    our referencing is being taken
    care of in a professional,
    intelligent manner.

  • Benham and Reeves

    Marc Von Grundherr, Lettings Director
    Our business is down to our
    reputation and a zero tolerance
    for bad tenants is what separates
    us from others - LetRef’s
    stringent approach suits us. I
    have not known them miss a
    discrepancy. They also use a
    common sense approach when they
    are confident an applicant will
    be fine even though they do not
    match the exact criteria.
  • Portman Estate

    Marguerita Roberts, Associate Director
    We were impressed by LetRef’s
    personal service and
    comprehensive checks, and now
    ensure our agents use LetRef for
    all applicants looking to live
    within our Marylebone Estate. It’s
    bespoke service fits our needs
    perfectly, and we are delighted to
    have LetRef as our preferred
    reference company.
  • Braxton

    James Farrance, MNAEA FARLA,
    Lettings Director
    As the leading independent agent in
    our market, we have tried many of
    the other referencing agents but
    have found Letref to be head and
    shoulders above them.

    We have nothing but positive
    feedback from our applicants on
    them that in turn helps us keep
    our advantage in swift turnarounds
    and a competitive environment.
  • Helliwell & Co.

    Joshua Helliwell, Director
    My business has used LETREF for
    the past seven years and I couldn't
    recommend them highly enough.

    They are very thorough and
    provide excellent communication

  • Warren Putney

    Matthew Macmillan
    The staff at LetRef are
    approachable, professional and
    quick, which is imperative in the
    lettings business.

    It is difficult to quantify but
    our business has definitely grown
    as a direct result of LetRef.

    Thank you!
  • Winkworth

    April Hurren, Lettings Administrator
    We have tried various referencing
    companies but I always go back
    to Letref because I have complete
    trust in them.

    They are very thorough in their
    referencing processes and I have
    absolute faith in their service.

    I would highly recommend them!
  • Peter Martin Unique
    Letting Agents

    Peter Martin, Director
    Quick, responsive, incredibly
    thorough, very close attention to
    detail and extremely knowledgeable.
    It’s refreshing to engage with an
    organisation who’s standards are
    so high!

    Kathy, Lone and all your wonderful
    team; thank you for your great work
    over the last two years!
  • River Homes

    Using LetRef has been a breath of
    fresh air compared with other
    referencing companies we have
    used previously. The staff are all
    extremely friendly and professional
    and their knowledge of the Lettings
    business means that they can offer
    advise not usually offered by other
    referencing companies.
  • Doyle Sales
    & Lettings

    Tony O'Reilly, Lettings Director
    We have used LetRef Ltd since 2014
    and are thoroughly impressed by
    their service and efforts, they are
    easy to get hold of, they get things
    done when they say they will get
    them done and their industry
    knowledge is impressive yet
    necessary to offer such a superb
  • Cluttons LLP

    The difference between LetRef and
    most other reference companies are
    that they actually do what they say
    they're going to do and provide
    a personable, promptand reliable
    service, keeping us informed
    daily of progress for all reference

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
    LetRef to anyone.
  • Chartwell Residential

    We have been using Letref to deal
    with our referencing for over 8 years.

    During this time we have always
    been pleased with the quality of the
    workcarried out, it is quick,
    efficient and they are able to
    communicate well with our customers
    and our team which has not always
    been the experience I have had with
    other referencing companies.
  • West Country

    Stephen Johnson, Director
    In short, with the information
    provided and the attention to detail,
    it always feels like someone has
    made a big effort to do all they
    can to fully assess the applicant.

    During the 25 years I have been
    requiring reference agents, they are
    by far the best I have come across.
    Thank you for your services.

Protecting your information

We take your security very seriously. All information you supply online is encrypted to prevent third parties viewing any information either stored by us or while it is in transit. Our online forms are all protected so you can provide your details secure in the knowledge that your information will arrive with us safely and securely.

Online referencing

All applications go through www.eletref.co.uk, our bespoke referencing system. It is an easy- to-use online platform for letting agents, landlords, applicants and guarantors.

Letting agents/landlords should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire about opening up an account

About us

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LetRef Ltd is an introducer appointed representative of the Alan Boswell Group which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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We have been working in a flexible way for years…

  • Flexible working hours
  • Direct contact with the reference handler (no frustrating switchboards)
  • Direct contact with the company directors
  • Online referencing system www.eletref.co.uk where our clients can log in and see progress anytime of the day/night
  • Detailed reports and supporting documentation, no tick box reports from us
  • References are requested as soon as an application form is completed, no matter what time

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